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Recognized for its role in easing access to voting information and polling locations.

DURHAM, N.C., June 9, 2021, – TransLoc, a leading provider of transportation software solutions and innovator in mobility access technology, has been announced as a First Place AdWheel Award winner by the American Public Transportation Association. TransLoc’s “Destination Democracy,” was selected as the Best Marketing and Communications Educational Initiative​ among transit suppliers.

The election-season campaign was part of TransLoc’s commitment to improving equity and access by empowering the freedom of movement for all. Destination Democracy was created out of a need to help boost voter turn out during a year when transit ridership and access to mobility decreased dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic and the proceeding social distancing protocols. The program provided in-app information on polling locations and a “vote” button that ushered users to, an official website of the United States Government designed to assist citizens in registering to vote, locate polling stations and gather information necessary to create a voting plan.

“Accessibility and equity are two cornerstones of our business as we partner with transit agencies to provide meaningful solutions for their riders,” said TransLoc Director of Communications & Policy Julie Gates. “It was an honor to use our transit orchestration software to help get riders to the polls during the pandemic. When our customers have a need, we are happy to work quickly to provide a solution that meets the demands of their community.”

The AdWheel Awards recognize the marketing and communications efforts of APTA’s members, and create a structure for transit providers and suppliers to share best practices, helping to raise awareness of the value of public transportation marketing professionals within the industry. This year’s field included 363 submissions, the highest number of entries for the AdWheel awards in recent years.

First Place winners will be honored during a special awards luncheon on Oct. 3-6, at the 2021 APTA Marketing & Communications Workshop in Philadelphia.

Grand Award winners are selected from the First Place winners and will be honored at APTA TRANSform Conference & EXPO 2021 in Orlando, CA, November 8-10, 2021.