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The Movement 5 Part MIniseries

DURHAM, N.C., June 5, 2019– TransLoc’s podcast, The Movement, today launches a 5-week special miniseries on “The City of Tomorrow.” On the tail of Ford Motor Company’s City of Tomorrow Symposium where mobility leaders convened in Los Angeles, host Josh Cohen is releasing a series of podcast episodes gleaning compelling highlights from the event. Cohen’s guests feature progressive leaders in mobility innovation who are putting people before technology.

“The most exciting thing about the City of Tomorrow Symposium was the diversity of public leaders, community members, and the private sector that are not only impacting mobility today, but already thinking about what is needed to impact it tomorrow,” said Cohen. “Bringing all of those people together in one place at one time–united in their desire to build mobility around people first and foremost–allowed for conversations and connections that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.”

“The City of Tomorrow” 5-week miniseries includes:

June 5, 2019: “The Intersection of ‘What is’ and ‘What Could Be’”

From Sarah Kaufman’s start at the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation in making transit data more accessible to her groundbreaking research on women’s challenges in mobility, she ensures that diversity, openness, and courage are critical elements in how we’ll build The City of Tomorrow.

June 12, 2019: “Reimagine What Your Streets Can Be”

Adonia Lugo and Romel Pasqual built CicLAvia, an event that catalyzes vibrant public spaces, active transportation, and good health through car-free street events. The event has helped over 1.6 million people access their streets in a different way and made them open to everyone. What can our streets look like in The City of Tomorrow?

June 19, 2019: “We Don’t Have to Resign Ourselves to Being a Car City”

John Yi, executive director of advocacy group Los Angeles Walks, and Jason Zogg, an urban planner at Ford, share tools to interact with the community around us, including the largest public space in our communities: our streets.

June 26, 2019: “Each Technological Revolution is Full of Promise, and Yet…”

Without someone to help translate between the private sector that can move fast and the public sector that is more measured, we may never reach The City of Tomorrow. The ability to translate is the superpower of Jeffrey Tumlin, a principal at consulting firm Nelson Nygaard.

July 3, 2019: “Thinking Bigger Than Transportation”

City of Los Angeles’ Diego de la Garza and City of Oakland’s Ryan Russo are executives working in the transportation trenches every day. They are not only deploying mobility, but they are doing it equitably. How does thinking bigger than transportation bring us closer to The City of Tomorrow?

The 5-part weekly podcast series kicks off today. Episodes of The Movement can be downloaded on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, and the TransLoc website.

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Hailed by Fast Company as one of the world’s most innovative companies in transportation, TransLoc (a Ford Smart Mobility company*) is the maker of mission-critical transit operations solutions for flexible on-demand and fixed route systems for both public and private transit agencies, universities, and business campus transit systems. Today, TransLoc is the largest provider of agency-owned microtransit systems for municipal transit agencies in the U.S., with the company’s products used at more than 500 agencies. TransLoc is also proud to be a Google Partner through the company’s transit data business. To learn more, visit or follow on Twitter at @TransLoc.

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*On March 1, 2022, global technology company Modaxo acquired TransLoc from Ford Motor Company. TransLoc is no longer affiliated with Ford or any Ford properties.