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Rochelle Parent - Leader in Diversity

Recognized for demonstrating respect for inclusive treatment of others and advocacy for underrepresented groups

DURHAM, N.C., Aug. 15, 2019– TransLoc Business Development Executive Rochelle Parent was recognized today with a “Leader in Diversity Award” from the Triangle Business Journal, a leading provider of business news for Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The award honors individuals and companies that have demonstrated respect for inclusive treatment of others, advocacy for underrepresented groups, and multicultural marketing. Rochelle has served in many critical customer-facing roles for TransLoc including Manager of Client Relations, Senior Project Manager, and Business Development Executive.

As a highly respected leader, Rochelle advocates for diversity in a variety of ways. “I am a fundamental believer that you cannot properly serve your clients if you don’t look like them or sound like them,” she said. “Moreover, I think we are more empathetic when we share something in common with others. And in transit we meet people of all different races, sexual orientations, genders, and economic backgrounds. Even when we are talking about something seemingly benign, such as developing code for a program, when you have something in common with the people who will ultimately use that code, you’re able to better understand their needs, which means you can better serve them. When I fight with product or engineering, I’m fighting for those people, those riders, who come from a different socio-economic background. I’m fighting to make sure we are including everyone in the conversation. A company should represent the people it serves. As much as we can make that a reality, I push for that to happen.”

When asked about her biggest accomplishment in creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, Rochelle said, “There were no two people on my team with the same identity. We had a black woman, a mixed-race woman, an LGBTQ+ person, a white man, people with underprivileged upbringings, and people with middle-class upbringings. This gave us people with different experiences. Experiences which, when combined, gave us a robust set of skills and perspectives. It has enriched our workplace environment, refined our individual characters, and elevated our business.”

In addition to her role at TransLoc, Rochelle is a dedicated volunteer at the Raleigh Rescue Mission where she assists with career development for people trying to get back on their feet. She said, “I help adults get their resumes together and find their passion. I help people see something in themselves that they don’t see. I try to be empathetic. We all have different backgrounds, but we’re all one race: the human race.”

In addition to the Mission, Rochelle also supports the Durham Ronald McDonald House. When she was team captain for Duke Women’s Basketball, she said the team would take time off the court to read to the children. To this day, she enjoys stopping in to read to the kids several times a year. She shared, “The most valuable thing we have is time. I only want to do things that have a cause and are meaningful and impactful.” Rochelle continued, “These kids at the Ronald McDonald House are going through something traumatic or scary, but it doesn’t make life stop. So, to give them a moment where they don’t have to think about it, is powerful.”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled Rochelle has been recognized with this award,” said TransLoc VP of Customers Ron Cygnarowicz. “Rochelle has always been, and will continue to be, a critically important part of TransLoc. She builds strong, cohesive teams and ensures we are always reflecting our customers’ perspectives in our work.”

Rochelle and this year’s class of “Leader in Diversity Award” winners will be recognized at a banquet on September 23, 2019.

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