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TRANSCRIPT OF THE MOVEMENT TRAILER: As we look to mobility solutions for the City of Tomorrow, there are billions of dollars being spent on technology like microtransit, Uber and Lyft, scooters and bikes, and electric and autonomous vehicles. While critically important, technology is not the only solution. We also need to invest in the people who are making the brave decisions on how to build the green, equitable, and accessible future we desire.

I’m Josh Cohen, TransLoc’s National Director of Policy. Join me for a new podcast The Movement. Each week we’ll talk to the courageous public sector, private sector, and advocacy leaders who aren’t afraid to tackle the hard decisions as we head into the unknown. Trailblazers like Robin Rather, CEO of transportation and sustainability consulting firm Collective Strength, “To be honest with you, if I was framing transit I would focus it quite a bit on how transit gives people more economic security. We’ve gone from a very supremely confident country… a country that really believed in its own American Dream… a country that knew that if they worked hard their kids would have a better shot than they had, no matter what their station in life was. And nowadays most parents do not feel that their kids are going to better off than they were. I think Transit can be positioned as a very important way, if not the most important way, but we’re not working hard enough to really position it that way.”

And Beth Osborne, director of advocacy group Transportation For America, “I will talk forever with anyone that wants to geek out on actual transportation policy. I wish more people were asking the questions you are. It’s frustrating how rarely this discussion is held.”

We won’t make these big changes if we don’t ask the tough questions. Join me in a podcast about what, and who, it will take to build the future communities that we all want to live in. My goal is to not only profile successful leaders effecting change in their communities today, but build a diverse coalition of leaders who will make tomorrow real. The Movement, a brand new podcast from TransLoc, will be available February 27th. Subscribe now and listen for free. Find out more at