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We started Planning & Design Services with a simple notion: to build a genuine, supportive partnership with our clients that helps them address the unique mobility problems in their communities.

Planning and Design Press Release

Transit professionals like yourself know that time and personnel are necessities when operating an efficient transit service. Unfortunately, current circumstances such as the financial fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and the struggling labor market have underfunded and understaffed many transit agencies while giving them little time to make data-driven choices about their mobility solutions.

How is this different than working with transportation consultants?

Hiring outside consultants tends to be one of the go-to choices to offset budget and personnel deficits. It’s a viable option at first glance. A consulting firm inserts itself into an agency, scours through data, and gives a handful of recommendations on how to solve your pressing transit problems.

The devil is in the details, though. 

The blank slate nature of a traditional client-consulting firm relationship soaks up one of the most vital agency resources: time. Consulting firms often lack the historical context of agency and community needs, and must dedicate significant amounts of their own time to learn about your transit agency’s operations, ridership habits, and data systems. Data analysis can take months, and recommended solutions may neither be customized to your community’s needs nor intuitive to implement without the proper personnel on your team. 

Successful Transportation planning requires community knowledge.

When we’re talking about mobility solutions, we’re talking about the lives of people and the equitable prosperity of communities—both of which cannot afford to waste time. This understanding cannot be lost on the organizations that are collaborating to create these solutions. These organizations need to trust that the other is operating in good faith and exploring solutions that aren’t simply a fit, but the right fit.

That’s why our philosophy is different. 

In order to achieve our goal of providing custom solutions to fit your community’s mobility needs, we prioritize earning your trust.

As Planning & Design Services, we see ourselves as an extension of your staff. You are the expert of your transit system and community while we are the experts in maximizing the capabilities of our products. We are experienced certified transportation planners who can translate and utilize all types of transportation data to help you effectively plan, design, and implement custom mobility solutions. We navigate you past costly consulting timelines and common pitfalls of mobility solution implementation. We save you time because, as an existing TransLoc client, we leverage our existing familiarity with your transit system to create data-driven solutions. 

Most importantly, we listen intently to your needs. We can only be successful if you see us as a reliable partner and trusted advisor. The value of listening is baked into our Planning & Design Services philosophy. It’s how we earn your trust.

Let’s start today. We are ready to listen.

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