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Software Engineer
This job is for you if…

You are looking to solve challenging problems. At TransLoc, you will build the software that supports our transit system visualizations and predictions. Our mission is to help revolutionize the experience of using public transportation, and we need engineers eager to accept that challenge. You should be a well-rounded technologist, of course; but just as important, you should be a well-rounded human being who wants to make a meaningful impact with his work.

Skills & Requirements

  • You have significant experience in web app development
  • You have deep knowledge of how Linux ticks and can stand up production servers with ease
  • You have extensive experience with Python and related frameworks like Django or Flask
  • You can write web components in at least one lower-level language (C, Java, Go, etc.)
  • You understand good database architecture and are comfortable with light MySQL administration
  • You have experience writing production web apps against No-SQL storage systems (e.g., MongoDB)
  • You have a degree in computer science or commensurate experience in the workplace


Please submit your resume to

iOS Engineer
This job is for you if…

You live and breathe mobile. You wait impatiently each summer for the next beta of iOS. Poorly designed mobile apps offend you to the core. You’re fanatical about building apps that solve real problems and delight real people. You have a fierce belief that technology should be elegant, fast, and simple to use. When problems arise, you don’t address the symptoms – you find the root cause like a heat-seeking missile. You’re an engineer first, but your product and usability chops are a close second. You possess tons of other great human traits beyond our wildest imagination. You thrive in a team environment but are comfortable being the sole iOS resource.

Skills & Requirements

  • Extensive experience building iOS applications for the iPhone and iPad
  • You know Xcode and Objective-C like your own back yard
  • You have a strong background in C and have experience with at least one high-level language (Python, Ruby, Perl, etc.)
  • You love ARC but possess deep knowledge of memory management on iOS
  • You can create attractive mobile designs even if you don’t consider yourself a UI/UX person
  • You’re experienced at using GCD queues and have built apps using asynchronous logic
  • You take ownership of your products. If you build it, you maintain it with love and dedication


  • Comfortable building apps for both iOS and Android
  • Experience with Location Services and Mapkit
  • Strong comfort with RESTful APIs and JSON
  • A passion for working with the accessibility APIs


Please submit your resume to

Product Manager
Do you download new software apps—even ones you don’t need— just to see how they work? Do you love buses and trains and marvel at how transit systems work? Do you have a mind that wrestles with analytical and creative problems alike? You may be the product guru we’re looking for. At TransLoc, you will spearhead the conceptualization of a software platform that will change the way people view transit. You will work closely with our engineers and key people in the transit industry to create powerful, beautiful software that challenges—and eventually upends—the fashion in which people move around cities and suburbs. Do you like solving difficult problems that matter? Do shallow missions and frivolous technology leave you cold? Read on.

At TransLoc, you will:

  • Provide conceptual leadership for a small team of engineers and designers working on the biggest product in our company’s 10-year history.
  • Build game-altering products with great ideas derived from your research, your inspiration, and your desire to change an industry—and do so while starting with an empty whiteboard.
  • Talk to the people who make transit tick in America, and extract from them not what they want, but what they don’t yet know they want.
  • Employ business and technical savvy in equal amounts.
  • Be a strategist at all times, in all ways. You must possess the ability to see the path forward and communicate it expertly within our walls—and beyond.
  • Define your vision for engineers by creating killer product requirement assets (documents, sketches, wireframes, etc.)
  • Keep abreast of how technology is changing transit and know what other companies are doing in our space. Our goal is to lead, not follow, but we can always learn from other smart companies.
  • Be a charismatic evangelist for our products and work diligently to ensure they are properly received by the market.
  • Scan the landscape for partners who can help us achieve our loftiest goals.
  • Work efficiently with our sales and marketing teams to define a go-to-market strategy and help them understand where our products are going, how they impact the transit space, and most important—why transit agencies need them to thrive, and in some cases, survive.
  • Attend transit conferences and be part of the fray, and when possible, capture hearts and minds by presenting our view of transit’s future.

We’d love, but don’t require, that you:

  • Have a technical background. It would be great if you’ve actually coded in the recent past.
  • Have a computer science degree, an engineering degree, or a transportation degree. Or all three!
  • Have worked at a transit agency in some form or fashion, even if it was in the mailroom.

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