Supporting Your Mobility with Flexible On-Demand Service

Microtransit brings innovative ridesharing
technology to your campus

With TransLoc, you get a comprehensive solution to offer on-demand services with automated dispatching while maintaining complete control of your operations and data.
View over young man's shoulder as he searches for on-demand ride on his smart phone's TransLoc app.

Deliver a seamless rider experience with simple, intuitive technology

Provide peace of mind
with reliable Safe Ride transportation

Young woman waits under bus stop cover at night while wearing over-the-ear headphones.
Hand holding many shopping bags.

Link your campus to nearby amenities with a responsive solution

Decrease car reliance, congestion, and parking demand

Car pulling into a full parking lot.
Young man sitting on bus.

Attract great talent by providing flexible, on-demand service


Our Approach

Our trusted microtransit experts and accessible technology make it easy (and fun!) to deploy your new service. Through constant communication we listen to your feedback, test new approaches, and iterate on learnings so you get an optimal service by learning what works.

How we support your campus microtransit


Data helps ensure your service is a success. Our pre-launch simulation arms you with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions.

Data-Driven Service Design

Our experts partner with your team to discover service gaps and how we will tackle them together with microtransit.

Launch Preparation and Beyond

Your team is integral to success, so we arm them with on-site training prior to launch and attentive technical support throughout your service.

Marketing Support

To create enthusiastic adoption from your community, TransLoc offers strategic marketing consulting.


You have access to all data and reports for performance management. Together we follow the data to continually improve service.


The flexible microtransit system for automatically matching campus transit resources with rider needs.

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Screenshots of dispatch, rider facing app, and driver interface