Bay Area Transportation Authority

Traverse City, Michigan

In August 2020, BATA initiated a one-year on-demand pilot program over a 20 sq mi area with an average of 30,000 residents to replace their legacy dial-a-ride program. Six months into the adoption, BATA partnered with TransLoc’s Marketing Services team to launch a rider survey with the goal of understanding the rider's perception and experience. TransLoc emailed the survey to riders that had previously used the on-demand service, while BATA included it on their rider webpage and in their rider text/email alert system resulting in a 47% survey response rate. After 4 weeks of data collection, TranLoc analyzed the feedback and provided results to BATA.

The template of [survey] questions [provided by TransLoc] is really helpful. I love the graphics and the feedback- it’s easy to view [in the survey tool].

Eric Linguar, Communications and Development Director

3 Vehicles 3300 rides per month Less than 12 minutes average wait time


    • Gain insights to how riders were accessing services and if they felt the service area met their needs
    • Learn the top benefit of on-demand services for customers
    • Determine if available data within the software is supported or skewed and identify areas to make improvements to service


    • Reinforced that the on-demand pilot should continue as a service offering
    • BATA is partnering with TransLoc’s Planning & Design team to expand the on-demand service zone and hours of availability
    • 70% of survey respondents are happy with the current service area
    • 46% of respondents are using the TransLoc app to book their rides and 92% enjoy features available in the app