Brownsville Metro

Brownsville, Texas

Brownsville, Texas is a border town providing transportation options for 180,000+ residents and 700-1,000 students commuting daily from Mexico for school. Brownsville Metro partnered with TransLoc to offer a fixed-route solution allowing riders and dispatchers to easily track routes and ETAs. With the majority of the community speaking Spanish, the multilingual TransLoc app allows riders to easily access the transit information they need and minimizes overall dispatch calls.

TransLoc has great customer service and are always available to answer any questions.

Tracie Orcillez, Transit Operations Planner

27 Vehicles 3000 average daily rides Partnered with TransLoc in 2020


    • Avoid the time-consuming inaccuracies of manually counting passengers
    • Find a simple solution that didn’t need “rocket scientist” skills to implement


    • TransLoc data showed ~17% of buses were not on-time, allowing the team to create a new process for drivers to improve OTP
    • ~70% of riders use the TransLoc app to track their bus
    • APCs allow the city to determine which stops are used most frequently and need bus shelters added