Planning & Design Services

City of Porterville Transit | Porterville, CA

The pandemic’s immediate impact resulted in a loss of as much as 85% of ridership, which emphasized the critical need for transit agencies to flexibly transition to a door-to-door service capable of safely serving any community.

TransLoc’s Planning & Design Services worked with the City of Porterville Transit to identify low-performing fixed-route services that could benefit from deploying OnDemand.

2,023 rides per month
Less than 10 minute average wait time


With roughly 70% of ADA-certified riders using dial-a-ride pre-booked subscriptions during peak times, Porterville’s paratransit services were overbooked and unable to schedule in real-time via on-demand. Due to the pandemic, there were existing fixed-route services that were being underutilized in addition to areas of the community being underserved.

By working with Planning & Design Services and establishing OnDemand, Porterville created a more cost-effective service that improved ridership and served more passengers per hour. OnDemand also provided ADA-certified paratransit riders with the ability to schedule rides flexibly while lowering wait times and improving the overall service.

OnDemand opened the window to a new service design where riders can choose the best mode of transportation for their needs.