North Carolina State University

University Fixed Route Case Study

How NC State deployed flexible services while keeping riders informed.

North Carolina State University (NC State) is uniquely incorporated into the city of Raleigh. Its two main campus hubs – containing more than 34,000 students, off-campus housing options, and a football stadium – are separated by miles of city streets, residential neighborhoods, and businesses.

Since 2006, NC State Transportation, TransLoc, and our partners have put the “Go” in “Go Pack!” by delivering reliable mobility services and on-board hardware to ensure that the Wolfpack never misses a class, study session, or touchdown.

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20,000 rides per month 45 vehicles 99% student adoption of mobile app

[TransLoc’s fixed-route software] is a very intuitive program. It’s not hard to catch on. I sat in on a half-hour intro session and got it from there.

Connor Jones, Transit Manager, NC State Transportation

Service Changes

When the pandemic hit, modifications to transit services were required. NC State addressed students’ pandemic mobility needs by reducing 13 fixed routes to 10 while redesigning night routes to mimic daytime routes.

Because they had already transitioned to the TransLoc app from print and online schedules (resulting in a 99% student adoption rate!) communication with students was easy, given accurate real-time ETAs and service notifications.

NC State remained flexible and allowed ridership data to inform which routes were kept and which were consolidated, while maintaining ample service to continue to support their student body and employees.

Future Plans

Moving forward, as ridership has returned and services continue to evolve, NC State plans to create flexible service loops based on rider demand by implementing fixed-route dynamic scheduling during peak hours

They're also planning for a three-year construction project that will change service routes throughout the year by preparing accurate data to maintain stable transit services.